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ContiSeal Tyres, from Continental, contain an innovative new technology which seals punctures in the tread area of the tyre.  ContiSeal Tyres contain a pre-applied, sticky, viscous layer that covers the inside of the tread from shoulder to shoulder.  It provides an almost instantaneous seal around penetrating objects, such as nails and other objects up to 5mm in diameter in the tread area, trapping the air inside and removing the need for emergency roadside tyre changes.  Even if the penetrating object becomes dislodged, ContiSeal will seal the hole and prevent air loss.  ContiSeal Tyres are instantly recognisable by the nail symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly available wheel rims.

• No need for roadside tyre changes
• Reduced risk of flat tyres
• Holes remain sealed even if puncturing object becomes dislodged
• Driving performance equal to non Contiseal Tyres

The layer inside the tyres is not designed or intended to act as a permanent puncture repair and while ContiSeal Tyres significantly reduce the incidence of flat tyres, unlike runflat tyres they are not designed to be driven under-inflated or in a flat condition.  
As with any tyre, motorists with ContiSeal Tyres should regularly inspect their tyres for evidence of cuts, punctures and loss of inflation pressure. ContiSeal Tyres with cuts or punctures must be inspected by a trained tyre specialist as soon as possible, who will determine whether a permanent repair can be made or whether the tyre must be removed from service.

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