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NCT Testing

Vehicle Servicing

The list below is what the NCT checks on your car when it goes in for its test. Save yourself the time and inconvenince of multiple trips to the test centre by letting us service each of these items in advance of your cars NCT.

  * Service Brake Pedal
  * Service Brake Operation
     (Inspection inside the Vehicle)
  * Mechanical Brake Hand Lever
  * Service Brake Performance
  * Service Brake Imbalance
  * Parking Brake Performance
  * Parking Brake Imbalance
  * Brake Fluid
  * Brake Lines / Hoses
  * Brake Wheel Units
  * Mechanical Brake Components
  * Master Cylinders / Servo /
     Valves / Connections

2.Exhaust Emission
  * Exhaust Smoke (Diesel)
  * Exhaust CO/HC/Lambda
  * Exhaust System / Noise

3.Wheels & Tyres
  * Tyre Condition
  * Tyre Specification
  * Tyre Tread
  * Wheels
  * Spare Wheel and Carrier
  * Wheel Bearings

  * Stop Lamps
  * Rear Lamps and Registration

Plate Lamps
  * Indicators / Tell Tales
  * Side Lamps
  * Headlamp Condition
  * Headlamp Aim
  * Aux Lamp Condition
  * Aux Lamp Aim
  * Reflectors

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